Masque Bar: Your Spa at Home

Welcome to your spa at home! Masque Bar, based in Canada, is a one-stop shop beauty brand that features diverse, unique, effective and fun products such as their Pretty Animalz face mask collection. This collection is a zoo of fun with printed animal characters drenched in serums that hydrate, refresh, firm, and renew glowing skin. Not to mention, it’s picture worthy for your IG (don’t forget to tag us @obsessedpk)! Don’t animals were hurt in the making of these masks, in fact, no animal products, gluten products, or hazardous chemicals were used in the making of any Masque Bar products.

If you are not yet intrigued, then let us tell you more:

Masque Bar’s affordable beauty lines will leave a dry, dull, and tired face feeling smooth and moisturized making an immediately noticeable difference. However, it is recommended to use a mask 2-3 times a week to get the greatest impact and we’re confident the results will leave you OBSESSED.

Don’t know where to start in your Masque Bar experience? Try some of our recommended picks:


  • The Charcoal Sheet Mask is one of the brand’s Best-Sellers. This mask is a bamboo fiber sheet used to detoxify skin. The charcoal helps to absorb and eliminate impurities and excess oils clogged in pores Charcoal Sheet Mask - 3 packleaving your face feeling refreshed, hydrated, and smooth.
  • The Bio Cellulose Mask Collection which, sounds like complex science, is actually pretty simple: it’s an organic, natural mask derived of 100% coconut gel that adheres to your face like a second skin and allows the serums to Brightening Bio Cellulose Maskpenetrate deep into your skin. This collection has a variety of masks to choose from but, we’re Obsessed with: the Purifying Mask, the Anti-Aging Mask, and the Brightening Mask.
  • Do you remember those music CDs from the 90s that went into a machine called a CD player??? Well, here’s your chance to look like one! Try the incredibly fun retro (yet, somehow futuristic) Holographic Foil Peel-off Mask. This vibrant Peel-Off mask has an illuminating effect and leaves your face Holographic Foil Peel Off Maskfeeling smooth and moisturized. This is a fun product to use with friends and makes for great IG posts #obsessedbeauty.




























Find Masque Bar at OBSESSED! We’re sure these products will make a difference and after your first use, you will be OBSESSED with the Masque Bar brand.